Custom Bobblehead Dolls

Custom Bobbleheads

Looking for something very unique and different, how about a custom made bobblhead doll ?
Would you like to offer bobbleheads to your readers ?

We can create any size bobblehead you desire, however, standard bobbleheads are 7" tall. We offer custom bobblehead dolls hand-sculpted from any photo. We design from your photos, drawings or other artwork; we work direct with the factory and give you personal attention.We'll make you a real custom bobble head - not just a repainting of someone else's job.

Custom designed or personalized bobble heads are a great item to promote your business or yourself. A custom bobblehead certainly gets you and your product remembered when that head bobbles on somebody's desk. Companies are looking for new and efficient ways of promoting their products and nothing can outscore the efficiency of bobble for the promotion.

Personalized Bobblehead custom baseball bobbleheads custom baseball bobbleheads custom baseball bobbleheads

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Molded Design Bobbleheads

Use our molded body designs (exist mold), with your own head design on it, that would be a new bobbledhead of yours and save some cost, of course, we can do fully custom made bobblehead too.

A perfect way to send the message to your loved one, office, clients, promotion and more. A hilarious item that your family, co-workers, clients or fans are sure to talk about ! Custom bobble head dolls are inexpensive and direct factory products for your business,schools or organizations .

We makes excellent true Custom Bobbleheads in polyresin (ceramic) and plastic (with or without sound). There are many outfits that advertise Custom BobbleHead production; there are also a lot of factory tricks and other details or lack thereof that can keep you from getting a high quality Custom Bobble head. We work directly with the factories in China and carefully follow each step of the process with you.

Create a Bobblehead to Promote Your Company

If you want customers to keep coming back to your establishment, then create a bobblehead custom made for your company brand. Bobbleheads started as toys sold in street corners to amuse children because they have unusually large bobbing heads. The cute little things then became favorite gift items for special occasions. Until now a custom bobblehead is a much treasured novelty gift item.

Your company however can ride on the popularity of bobbleheads. You can make it as an advertising tool to promote your brand. A bobblehead can surely make your company or your product a household name.

Your best source for high profit Fundraising

Earn up to 75% profit. Is there a person, mascot, or other idea associated with your organization you feel would make a profitable Bobble Head to sell? Let us make that reality. Simply email us your sketch or image, we'll do the rest. You'll be amazed with our results !

Custom made sports bobbleheads

Custom bobble head toys and dolls are very popular among sports fans and even collectors. They come in various sizes and shapes. bobbleheads are great for school and sports team fundraising. Custom bobbleheads make a great advertising specialty, premium or incentive item for the corporate world. Company mascots, sales people, and company messages will be springing into action for years to come !

We can make various custom bobble head dolls, personalized bobble heads and figuriens according to your artwork. We have years of experience in creating many different kinds of bobble head dolls - sports personalities, baseball bobbleheads , football bobbleheads, basketball bobbleheads , soccer player bobbleheads , cartoon characters , movie stars , deer bobble heads , school mascots, animals, etc. From concept to completion, we will customize a bobblehead for you ! The only limit is your imagination - if you can think of it, we can create it !

Bobbleheads Size

Most of custom bobblehead dolls are 5.25 " -7.5" tall.

Each piece is custom sculpted, molded and painted according to your specifications.
Need something bigger - no trouble, we can create any size bobblehead doll for you , we can make 3 " mini bobble heads ; bobble head key-chains, double bobbles and other resin or PVC plastic products. Please contact us for a price quote.

Materials used

Bobbleheads are commonly made from two types of materials - Polyresin or PVC Plastic.

Polyresin bobbleheads have great sculpting detail. Generally the polyresin material allows for more detailing and infers a higher quality, as the surface is hard and the BobbleHead is heavier than the plastic counterpart. The setup cost for making a polyresin Bobblehead is significantly lower than with plastic. Of course, any ceramic type of material has a higher breakage potential than plastic.

PVC plactic bobbleheads are durable and have great coloring and a more cartoon look. Plastic BobbleHeads do have a higher setup cost for design and mold making, but the per piece cost is usually lower than with polyresin, and since the material is lighter, you will pay less to ship the custom bobble heads from the factory to your location. Another advantage in using plastic is the ease of adding a sound chip, either pre-recorded or blank so a customer can add their own message later.

How to inquire detail

We are China direct source for custom bobble head dolls. Made to your specifications, personalized Bobble Head dolls are in demand and represent an excellent fundraising opportunity for your organization. Working from your photos or sketches we can manufacture a custom made Bobble Head for you !

If you want to inquire the price , please send your photos to us, two are required , straight front and the side profile of the face. It is customer's responsible to send us the clear pictures, the better the picture, the better the outcome !
our professional staff will create a custom bobble-head to your specifications.

Order Information

We can manufacture any height of bobble head you require. Ordering custom bobble heads is easy. First you should send us an email with the following information:

  1. Name, mailing address, shipping address, telephone number and fax number for your company.
  2. Height of bobble head, i.e. 7" height or 5" height.
  3. Send us your pictures from all four sides of the subject.
  4. Please provide a description for the base. Name on the base? Color?

Delivery to worldwide

We shipping bobbleheads from China to worldwide, welcome to contact us for more information .

Custom Bobble Heads FAQ

Please click here to take a look at our Custom Bobble heads FAQ's. These should help you find the additional information you require - if you can't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Production time and costs for your custom bobble head can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the quantity ordered. For specific information regarding your custom bobblehead or other promotional project, please contact us.

Want to buy bobbleheads personalized from your photo? China Direct is professional bobblehead manufacturer and your best place to buy custom made bobblehead . 100% hand made custom bobbleheads your likeness. You don't need to select your body type, it's fully customize bobblehead dolls and unique for your own. The only limit is your imagination. Make custom bobbleheads for any occasion's gift: Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas or even for yourself :-)

Send us your photo and get fantastic custom made bobbleheads now !

What do you think to create your own bobbleheads ?

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