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We are a flags manufacturer located in China, specialize in custom flags and banners over 10 years. We offer custom flags made to any custom flag size using screen printing and digital printing.

Are you looking for better resource of custom flags ? Would you like to be more competitive in custom made service, don't hesitate to contact us, we will assist your projects in China direct.

2ft x 3ft Custom Flags

custom flag

3ft x 5ft Custom Flag

custom flag

Common sizes of custom flags :

Custom flags can be made to a specific size according your request.

Flag printing method

Normally, custom flags can be printed in two method, screen printing or digital printing.
For small quantity flag order, multi colors or gradient colors, we will use digital printing to simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the total cost.

Screen print

Screen printing is the most economical printing method for produce large quantity of flags, below is a screen printed flag, the printed color are solid.

custom flag screen printed

Digital Print Flag

Digital printing is excellent if your design/artwork is complex graphics, high-quality photographs, or requires full colour printing process for lots of colours, below is a digital printing flag.

custom flag digital print

2 Regular Materials you can choose are:

Flag fixtures what ones are there?

The most common fixtures for flags are brass eyelets (grommets). Their are other fixtures you can have choose they are

How to get a price quote ?

Please cotact us and offer your design, tell us the flag size and quanity you would like , our sales rep. will offer the cost and lead you to get your flags.
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.


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