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Fortune Telling Heart

Custom Fortune-telling Toy

Magic answer heart is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice, it's great for many kind of promotional events, try this lovely toy with custom answers(sayings) in your events.

Fortune-telling Heart Toy #GN13060501-80

magic fortune telling heart toy
Fortune telling heart in yellow color

magic fortune telling heart toy
Fortune telling heart in red color

magic fortune telling heart toy
Fortune telling heart in pink color

magic fortune telling heart toy
Bakc of fortune telling heart

Fortune Telling Heart Features

Fortune Telling Heart Packing

What do you think these fortune-telling ball?

How to use the fortune telling ball

To use the ball, it must be held with the window initially facing down. After "asking the ball" a yes-or-no question, the user then turns the ball so that the window faces up, setting in motion the liquid and dice inside. When the die floats to the top and one of its faces is pressed against the window, the raised letters displace the blue liquid to reveal the message as white letters on a blue background. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary (or recommended) to shake or jostle the ball before turning it, as doing so can create air bubbles that may visually distort the answer.

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