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1" Wide Silicone Bracelets

1 inch Width Silicone Bracelets
Show your personality with these one inch width silicone bracelets, extra wide, unique and distinctive, a very popular option

Debossed Silicone Bracelets

Debossed Silicone Bracelets
This silicone wristband is the most popular style. Your logo or some letters are debossed in silicone wristbands via a mold.
Design a debossed silicone bracelet !!

Embossed Silicone Bracelets

Embossed Silicone Bracelets
This silicone wristband is embossed by a mold, custom logo or letters are raised, stands out from surface.
Design an embossed silicone bracelet !!

Color Filled Silicone Bracelets

Coller Filled Silicone Bracelets
This bracelet is an excellent choice when you want your message to contrast and stand out, band in one color and the letters in another color.
Design a color filled silicone bracelet !!

Embossed with Printed Color

Embossed with Printed Color Silicone Bracelets
Color printed embossed silicone bracelet has high contrast color and stand out, band in one color and the letters in another color.
Design a printed embossed silicone bracelet !!

Glow in the Dark

glow in the dark silicone wristbands
Glow in the dark silicone wristband is a great way to promote your message in the dark ! Decoration methods has printed, debossed, embossed ...etc.
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Segmented Colors

Segmented wristbands are cool and economical, up to a maximum of 7 different colors. These are popularly used as promotional wristbands.
Design your own segmented bracelet !

Swirl & Marble Colors

Accessible in variety of colors, you can also podium it as party wristbands in various social as well hush-hush places. swirl pattern wristbands are setting the perfect standard for conventional products.
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Camouflage Silicone Bracelets

Forest camouflage, desert or winter snow camo. Your own custom unique colors for you camouflage silicone braclets. mud brown, flat black, leaf green, forest green or bark gray colors...
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UV Reflective Silicone Bracelets

UV reflective silicone braceletes, sun sense color change bracelets, bracelet color will change under the sunshine ultra-violet light
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Printed Silicone Bracelets

Printed Silicone Bracelets
screen printed silicone bracelets, any logo and message can be printed on the outer side of the wristband.
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Custom Shaped Silicone Bracelets

Custom made rubber bracelets
Custom shaped silicone bracelets, round top, custom wave shaped, paw design, wide fat rubber wristbands, we manufacture as your design.
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Slap Bracelets

Custom Slap Bracelet
Silicone slap bracelets, reflective slap bracelets, non-reflective PVC slap braceles.

Personalized Silicone Bracelets

Your silicone wristband design is totally open to your imagination! Our silicone bracelets are made out of 100% high quality silicone rubber, non toxic. 100% Customizable, pick your color, your size, your text, and your font for your own custom silicone bracelet ! Distribute them at School, Fundraise them for a Cause, Promote your Business Ventures, Support a Local Basketball Team, or Give-Aways at a Wedding. Custom silicone wristbands have become ever more popular as a way to promote various organizations, campaigns, and businesses as well as raise funds for charities, schools, and clubs. They allow infinite customizing possibilities and increase awareness for your cause.

What do you think of our bracelets ?

All fifteen year old girls will love the customized silicone bracelets. Wrist decorations offer a groundwork or organization a method to raise funds for particular cause for example cancer awareness. Schools use them to raise funds. Sports teams wear them to create a sense of oneness. Imagine that your supporters are wearing your custom wristbands and telling their friends about your cause or organization, it will encourage them to buy customized wristbands like the wholesale wristband they are wearing. Silicone bracelets are not only popular for charities but also for team affiliations and brand promotions. Various colors and color combinations are now being used to promote awareness about many different causes.Include a phrase or word on a silicone bracelet will allow others to see your message and inspire them to give their support to your campaign.

Save money and buy your cheap silicone bracelets direct form China manufacturer, we can offer you any kind of silicone bracelets with cheap price and high quality. if you are looking for UV Reflective Silicone Bracelets , Interlink Silicone Bracelet , Striped(like rainbow) .... please contact us for other kind of silicont bracelets.

Everyone thought the customized Silicone Bracelet craze would be over in a few short months, but years after Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG campaign took off, it's still going strong! Pick a color, take up a cause, and set off with the custom Silicone Bracelets!

Most PMS colors for silicone are available, so don't settle for second rate. The personalized Silicone Bracelets make it possible to bring awareness to your cause without taking focus or funding away from the message itself.

When it comes to bringing awareness to an issue - whether it's scholarly, environmental, or social - a subtle but meaningful choice is a custom Silicone Bracelet. Distribute them at large events to bring attention to your cause, logo, slogan, and of course - you !

Silicone Bracelet Design Studio

Come on in and try our silicone bracelets design studio. With its custom simple to use design, our design studio simply is the best way and the easiest way to design order your one of kind wristband. We guarantee it !

What are some of the reasons people use Custom Silicone Bracelets?

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Colors shown are computer generated. Actual colors are from the PMS color chart and can vary in shades due to different processes when made.

* NOTE : * There are several type fonts that do not deboss well on Swirl colored bands. The font is very thin and the message or text does not display well. * Frosty *, * Agent Orange *, * Whimsy *, * Jokerman * & * Comic Sans * are font selections that do not display well on Swirl colored bands.


Due to orders being produced to the specificatiions of the customer all orders are considered customized and therefore are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Customised Silicone Wristbands / Personalized Awareness Silicone Bracelets

Our silicone wristbands are very affordable, durable and fashionable. Produced from environmental friendly 100% silicone rubber, these are a fantastic bracelet, hand ring, wrist ring or stylish band. The best news is you can print just about any logo design over almost any silicone wristband colour. Your logo can be printed, recessed (engraved) or debossed (raised) for that 3D effect. The colours for the band, logo & lettering can chosen from PMS Color Chart .

Common Awareness Bracelets Colors

Mourning, Melanoma
Blue (PMS 299)
Drunk Driving
Gold (PMS 136)
Childhood Cancer
Dark Blue (PMS 288)
Child Abuse, Colon Cancer
Green (PMS 354)
Health & Ecology, Leukemia, Organ Donor
Light Blue (PMS 292)
Prostate Cancer
Orange (PMS 158)
Hunger, Lupus, Racial Tolerance
Pink (PMS 1767)
Breast Cancer -Birth Parents
Red (PMS 186)
Blood Donor, AIDS, DUI, Substance Abuse
Right to Life, Free Speech, Alzheimer's
Yellow (PMS 114)
Come Home, General Cancer

Reference Silicone Bracelet Sizes


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