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16 回盘---Follow, Follow, Follow 怎么跟进客人啊?

回盘---Follow, Follow, Follow

不天天去做follow的业务员,那感觉就好像:天边的彩霞虽然美,但没有脚边的玫瑰来得香.....范冰冰固然漂亮,但是这个菜我也吃不起。。。。。再说了,不follow 的人等于有了"遇到麻烦就绕开"的坏习惯,心里总想着还是另外再找询盘吧,这种绕开石头的性格是绝对很难进步的。


当我在看客户邮件思考follow 时,会常常过来看一下这一篇帖,免得脑袋一时木了。这一篇帖子就是我的充电宝,我会在下面的记录里挑一下可以用的句子来稍作修改,这样节省时间。

简单的follow,simple follow

Seems you cannot get my message. Let me try again.


May I know is there any movement on this project? Have a great day.


Hi, Just want to say if you need anything let me know. Have a great day.


May I know where is the project go? Need anything from me? Have a good day and wish us luck.


How is your business go? Need anything from me? Have a good day.


Any update here?(千万不要用upadte me,这样显得没礼貌


Could I have your words? Any one would help.


I hope all is well. Do you have any questions on this item/quote or other promotional product sourcing? Let me know I am happy to help.


Is there any movement on this project? If you need anything let me know.


I did not forget about you. I know the quote has already passed but I thought I might as well send this off to you for your future needs.


I can suggest a really cost effective way to enable international purchasing for your business like I have done for my other clients.


Just following up on the quote I sent, did you have any questions or need anything further?


I am missing...好一个跟进说法... Now I know I am missing the tea cups and tea bags. Is there anything I have not answered for you?


Have you heard anything from your client? Or anything unclear?


Please keep me updated.(不要用update me,不礼貌


Where is the project go or other opportunity? I am missing to work with you.

Follow订单的好句子, Push客人的好方法

We are really close to the deadline... We need either an approval or extended deadline.


You are welcome. Let me know any other promo items I can help with.....


Please let us know the status of this project. The holiday season is fast approaching and the factories will be shutting down within a few weeks. I know there is no urgent timeline with the project but if it is dead that would help us to close the job in our books.

又有询盘产品的更好方案时, better solution

I want to let you know I am just got a great source to fulfill your project. Do you still be in interesting?


I got a novel idea. Do you still be in interesting?

针对性的follow, personal follow

May I know where is the project go? Need anything from me? BTW, our full color printing slap bracelet is good for school also.... Have a good day and wish us luck.


Have a great day. We had a team here. Can sourcing China promotional products for you. Let me know once you have any tough request.

-- Thank you and not a problem for this project. I am just want to see if I can get more other promotional sourcing and quote..... Have a good day. (这一句用在句尾,不是句首哦)


If you have any questions please call my office. Your deadline is quickly approaching.


一定要学习.邮件要软一点, 自然一点.

Hello Betsy, I did not forget about you. I know the quote has already passed but I thought I might as well send this off to you for your future needs.

We can get these made for you.

The price currently without shipping is $2.75 each.


Let me know if you have any questions.


I hope all is well with you.

Just checking in to see if there is any movement interest in the cards any longer?


It is always a question when you feel a sale is lost and It is always my policy to try to find out why it happens so I can improve my stats of closing a deal. I am sure that you ask the same questions every day.

Can you tell me where we went wrong? I thought we had come close to all your criteria but some where I have not gotten a response to our quote. Help me please

Thank you for the opportunity


I want to wish you a very personal and happy Christmas for you and your family David. I hope you have a good day and a good dinner later for celebration.

Thank you for all your support this year and I know that next year will be so much better from this. This coming year is just the beginning of your growth when companies begin a new budget. We want our piece of it and with hard work will achieve our goals.

One more thing is this. God loves you and will take you forward in life.

Thank You


A tent quote

Mr xxxxx,

Let me say thank you for contacting us. The price we are going to quote you would be our distributor price of $91.64 per unit with quanities of 100 each. That includes shipping from our China location direct to you and also includes an Import tax of 2.9% in order to make every thing simple to you.

For colors we need to know what color you wish them to be?

The logo set up price will be 74.00 per color and I believe you told me you have a 2 color logo to print.

I am checking to see if we can supply some type of lock down support for the legs in order to also make it easier for you.

The legs will be 98.43 inches apart.

Production time will be 30 days with shipping time to be appx. 50 days

We will take care of all shipping arrangements for you so all you have to do is place your order as we do for every thing we sell.

Let us know of any more questions you may have and email me at xxxxxxx. I will be your American contact for I am the ursupplier representative here in the states. Also we have a web site http://www.ursupplier.com/ if you wish to visit that one also.

Thank You for your interest and we hope to have a long and lasting relationship.



Dear Sir or Madam,

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Jim The representative for http://www.ursupplier.com/. We are a supplies of all your promotional needs you can ever sell.

We noticed that you are using photos of the Hula Hoops from our site, so we wanted to touch base and say we would also like to do business with you on these and let you buy them direct from China with us. We are the representatives for this company and no one can give you a better deal landed on your doorsteps for what we can do. So why not buy direct from us and save.

Looking to hear from you soon on any quote you may have for the future. You can contact me or go direct to our site. Either direction will give you great service.

Thank You

I am wanting to know if you got our quote? If so how do you feel about it? We are waiting to serve you

We have not heard from you and are wondering where we have not gotten your business. Is there anything we can do to help you with your decision? Just tell us how to help you and we will try our best to do it, okay?

Thank You

We want your business especially. It will look good for our resume and you will become an important person for us to have in our file. Tell me how I can place an order for you? let me show you we want to be your supplier. okay?

Is this any containers you would be interested in?

just saying help. we hope to hear from you in the future.

Thank You

just touching base with you and see how it is going. we want to do business with you and your company. All you have to do is let us know your needs.

Thank you for the opportunity

Some how we have not done our job to receive your business. Please tell us where we are lacking in that? We really want to do business with you and your company.


What can I do to get your business. There must be a way to do some service to you in regards to the wrist bands you want. Tell me what I need to do and let me try to get it done, okay?

Thank You very much

Maybe this will help us some. this is for a white tea cup printed 2 color wrap print. I removed the other things they had in this message to make it easier for us. look below for the only price line there is. this is for cup and lid only

Is this correct for you? (很重要的态度,而且显得很有礼貌)

Thank You

I am missing........好一个跟进说法......

Now I know I am missing the tea cups and tea bags. Is there anything I have not answered for you.

Did you get the question if you want the glaze over the logo on the porcelon cups or not? or on top of it. Now this is a difference of about 4 dollars, but brad the quality and longevity of the logo showing well is a big difference. You know I am sure that when it comes to China it is China who excels in that and they will want to do it right. Also Brad this is a question I am sure they and if not them I will ask for you to let us use the name of Talbot as one of our customers even tho it is you really. we can show their logos and merchandise on our site and it will also be additional ads for you too.


Hello [Client Name],

I understand from Joseph that you are interested in setting up a supplier company on the West Coast. We truly appreciate your confidence in our company and your offer, but at this time we are not interested or in a position for this type of arrangement. That being said we are open to "premiere" distributor relationships. (暗指我们希望要在未来更多一点的合作)

Much like we had discussed not more then a few months ago Globaldirect360 could offer you premium pricing on our products. Products to you at a rate below what we would offer the general distributor population in return for a guarantee that you will use only Globaldirect360 as your overseas sourcing partner. We can work through some of the details...

If you are interested in something like this and you have some time in the next few weeks lets discuss some options over the phone. Maybe we can work out a great deal that helps both of our companies...

Let me know when you have some time, I will be happy to give you a call.

Best regards,


Now that we have talked to the manufacturer in more detail. here is the story.

They have no stock and need to produce these for you. The timeline is minimum 20 days and 5 days to ship. We will be very close to the deadline with "blank" product (so close that I will be sweating).

To print on the pen it will take an additional 7 - 10 days - no way to make the August 2nd deadline.

In addition, they can not/will not print on the base only the pen. More, the blue tone is the only one available (not sure why since they are manufacturing these from scratch - they should be able to do a green hugh). Maybe I am misunderstanding them but it could also mean the blue is the only one they make --- maybe the photo looks more blue while the actual product is more green? In any case the blue is the only one we can do.

Long story short here is what we can do: On time (very close) - deliver the blank product (blue) 10 more days - deliver etched or printed "pens" only (their price for this delivered is $5.29 each)

Little more time - get them here and have them printed on the base. I am sure it can be done, just not sure how much.

That's the story, I know it's not great news but maybe we can salvage it by having the client buy the blanks as we originally thought.

Let me know


Thanks for quoting our products.

The Magic 8 Ball; The first set-up charge is $100 (net). Each additional color up to 3 is $50 (net). Run charge per color is .10 each. If you go to 4 colors the process changes to heat transfer and the set-up for that is $300 and the ball price charges as well - if you need this let me know.

Hope this helps.

偶而你得说一下sorry, delay的说明,答应样品出问题的情况

I am sorry to inform you that we ordered the samples but can not get them to you. These bags are all custom made and done on demand so having samples is difficult at best. I have sent you from my office a similar bag(s) that I have here in the US (UPS Tracking 1Z xxx 9FE 37 1000 0xxx). The samples from overseas will not be ready in a short amount of time.

I am so very sorry for the confusion and delay. This really is not a normal occurrence for me and I am trying to find out why this has happened from my partners in China.

In any case, I am sending these samples out tonight and you will get them Wednesday (my UPS). I hope they can suffice for the actual bag as these bags are similar and made in the same factory.

Production time is normally 20 days.

Best always,


I received the banner pens in my office. I am sorry but there is a problem. The information that is supposed to show through the barrel when the banner is closed (company name, telephone and website) is missing. This is due to a miscommunication between myself and our factory in China.

This is a horrible situation and I am very very sorry. Here is what I am going to do to try to correct the problem, as much as I possibly can:

There will be no additional charges to you.

I sincerely apologize for this situation, this is not a proud moment for me, I am very disappointed...

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Would that be a good time to give you a call? Better yet, give me a call when you have a chance I will return it as soon as I can or leave me a time to give you a call.







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