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China Direct ! is a strategic China outsourcing & import firm that minimizes financial risk, reduces production costs and maintains quality standards for U.S. companies while maximizing their profits. We works directly with China sourcing and China export manufacturing, resulting in cost savings of 20-50%. we has several offices in China & the United States that have a combined total of 15 years expatriate services. Our competitive bidding process helps to ensure product quality and upholds your reputation. We provide access to a network of pre-qualified China manufacturers as well as our own China manufacturing facilities which our local quality assurance team inspects daily. With over 15 years of expatriate experience to China we will help alleviate the stress of overseas China sourcing for your company.

Our expertise is custom business promotional items. We customize all of our business promotional items to your specific needs, including engraving, silk screen, and embroidering your logos onto promotional items. Our China sourcing and production process is very deliberate and thorough from spec samples, tooling process, inspection control, logistic management and final delivery to your ultimate location.

As recently as 10-15 years ago sourcing products overseas was taboo in the American culture and business. In 2008, sourcing overseas is a requirement for maintaining competitiveness in your given industry. Your competition has already started the process of sourcing overseas.

We can help you to stay competitive, and by working with us through China sourcing or China manufacturing, we can help you increase market share and stop eroding profit margins. Profit margins are decreasing because of labor and raw material costs; sourcing products overseas will lower labor and raw materials costs dramatically. Customers are demanding lower prices and these needs can not be met unless you source overseas. Allowing us to be your partner in China sourcing will be the first step to turning around your profit margin.


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China Direct ! focused on providing sourcing services in China , supply corporate gifts , promotional products and trade show giveaway items.
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