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Fortune-telling Ball Sayings

What is a fortune telling ball?

Magic fortune telling ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice, shaking and turn it down, then ask a yes/no question to the magic answer ball, turn it over and hold the viewing window level, the message dice floats to the top of the viewing window, and show the fortune telling answer.

Magic Fortune-telling Ball Sayings / Answers

Do you ever think showing some different message, your own promotional sayings/answers in the window ? A fortune-telling ball with custom answers is a great promotional item, When people ask the fortune-telling ball, they will see your answers and know what you can do for them. Below are some fortune-telling answers for your reference.

Fortune-telling Ball Answers Ref#1

As I See It Yes, Ask Again Later, Better Not Tell You Now, Cannot Predict Now, Concentrate and Ask Again, Don't Count On It, It Is Certain, It Is Decidely So, Most Likely, My Reply Is No, My Sources Say No, Outlook Good, Outlook Not So Good, Reply Hazy Try Again, Signs Point to Yes, Very Doubtful, Without A Doubt, Yes, Yes - Definitely, You May Rely On It

Fortune-telling Ball Answers Ref#2

Absolutely, Answer Unclear Ask Later, Cannot Foretell Now, Can't Say Now, Chances Aren't Good, Consult Me Later, Don't Bet On It, Focus And Ask Again, Indications Say Yes, Looks Like Yes, No, No Doubt About It, Positively, Prospect Good, So It Shall Be, The Stars Say No, Unlikely, Very Likely, Yes, You Can Count On It

Fortune-telling Answers for financial market

Everyone needs some financial advice now and then, give them a financial fortune-telling ball with your own answers, they will like this and call you for your true advice. try these
Bear Market Ahead, Bull Market Ahead, Buy Now, Buy Pork Bellies, Buy Real Estate, Buy T-Bills, Change Brokers, Don't Buy on Margin, Go for It, One Word: Plastics, Out to Lunch, Pay Off Loans First, Ride it Out, Sell Half Now, Sell Now, Sell Real Estate, Start Own Business, Tech Stocks Hot, Think Precious Metals, Unclear Ask Again

Having trouble coming up with an excuse ? try these funny answers

24 Hour Flu, Abducted By Aliens, Amnesia, Car Trouble, Full Moon, Huh?, I Was Mugged, It's In The Mail, It's Not My Job, I've Got a Headache, Jury Duty, Kryptonite, Mexican Food, My Dog Ate It, My Fish Died, No Hablo Ingleses, Oprah, The Voices Told Me To, Traffic Was Bad, What Memo?

Inspirational responses

At Least I Love You, Brilliant Idea!, Half-Full, Have You Lost Weight?, It Can't Be All That Bad, Look On The Bright Side, Nice Job!, Nice Outfit!, Nice Try!, People Like You, Pure Genius!, That's O.K., The Sky's The Limit, Who Says You're Stupid?, You Can Do It!, You Look Marvelous, Your Breath Is So Minty, You're 100% Fun!, You're A Winner!, You're Good Enough......

Some sarcastic answers

As If, Ask Me If I Care, Dumb Question Ask Another, Forget About It, Get A Clue, In Your Dreams, Not, Not A Chance, Obviously, Oh Please, Sure, That's Ridiculous, Well Maybe, What Do You Think?, Whatever, Who Cares?, Yeah And I'm The Pope, Yeah Right, You Wish, You've Got To Be Kidding...

For Baseball Fans

Caught Stealing, Double, Flyout to Center, Flyout to Left, Foul Out, Ground-Out to 2nd, Ground-Out to 3rd, Ground-Out to Short, Hit by Pitch, Home Run, Pop Out, Reach on Error, Single to Left, Single to Right, Stolen Base, Strike-Out Looking, Strike-Out Swinging, Triple, Walk, Wild Pitch - Runners Advance

For Golf Ball Fans

Par, Birdie (1 Under Par), Eagle (2 Under Par), Double Eagle (3 Under Par), Hole In One, Bogey (1 Over Par), Double Bogey (2 Over Par), Triple Bogey (3 Over Par), Lost Ball - 6 Stroke Hole, 7 Stroke Hole Total, 8 Stroke Hole Total, Mulligan - Do-Over, Whiff - Swing Again

Chinese language (繁體中文)

是的, 毫無疑問, 絕對是的, 星象顯示否定, 應該是, 星象顯示肯定, 不可能, 十分肯定, 答案不明重新問, 不要心存希望, 看起來有像是, 機會並不好, 集中精神重新問, 現在不能說, 前景良好, 不 , 很可能, 現在無法預知, 稍後諮詢, 可以指望它

Russian language (русский)

Да, это не так, возможно, не случайно, и, возможно .......

Spanish language (español)

Sí, no lo es, es posible, ninguna posibilidad, y tal vez ....

Custom Answers/Sayings (Dice inside the ball)

Each custom saying up to 15 characters, total 20 sayings on the insidedice.

Custom Sayings Layout Design

Custom Fortune-telling Ball Manufacturer

Are you looking for a professional fortune-telling ball maker ? Would you like to get your own promotional fortune-telling balls with your own custom sayings ? You have come to the right place. please visit custom fortune-telling ball for more information.

Variety of fortune-telling ball style are available

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